Kent Marcus

Director of Photography


Kent Marcus - Sydney based Director of Photography / Cinematographer. Kent works with many production companies around Sydney and Australia creating specialised branded content. He has filmed Austalian and International Feature film with successsful screening in Australia and World Wide.. 

Director Of Photography


"The first striking quality of BURNS POINT is its cinematography. With a nicely framed opening wide shot cinematographer Kent Marcus reassures the viewer that they’re in capable hands, and from that moment the film plays out in a beautifully stylised way, with as much attention given to the landscape as is given to the characters. The camera captures the unfolding drama in a dignified manner and resists the temptation to exploit the cliched shaky-cam style. We watch the events unfold through a series of controlled panning shots, arial perspectives and anchored observation. All of which is accompanied by an effectively understated score that provides the type of mood you might expect from a Coen Brothers film." 

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Kent Marcus is a Sydney based Commercial and Branded content Director of Photography. With training in Fine Arts, Photography and Film, Kent passionately crafts images to tell your story.

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