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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Kent Marcus is a Multi-Award winning cinematographer. He has a background in Narrative story telling. The projects that he has been Cinematographer for has won multiple awards around the world. In his narative work, story is the most impoartant aspect of the cinematography.

In 2013 Kent completed a Graduate Diploma in Cinematography through AFTRS. He then went on to shoot award-winning titles: 2014's "Burn Point" with father and son Chris and Tim Blackburn, 2017's critically acclaimed Instagram series "The Out There", Joseph Chebatte's 2018 "Entrenched", and 2020 LGBQI winner of 2019 Sydney Mardi Gras film festival "Unsound".

In 2021 Kent collaborated with  John Jarrtt on his film "What About Sal" and Jesse Ahern on the film "The Red Shoes - Next Steps". Both to be released in 2022.



Distance to Now 2014 - Director Dan Balcaban 2015 Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival

Kharisma 2013 - Director Shannon Murphy 2015 ACCTS Social Shorts in Competition | Flickr Fest | Boston International Kids Film Festival | Citizen Jane Film Festival, Columbia, USA | BOFA Tasmania | 2014 Cinéma des Antipodes | Rhode Island International Film Festival | Palm Springs International Film Festival | 9th Byron Bay International Film Festival Schools Section

Ballsy 2014 - Director Sinéad McDevitt 2015 Flickr Fest | St Kilda Film Festival

Dark Outside 2014 - Director Amanda Jermyn 2015 New York Independent Film Festival | California Women's Film Festival 2014 Melbourne Underground Film Festival

Don't Love Thy Neighbour 2012 - Director Uttam Mukherjee 2013 Asian Film Festival of Dallas | Columbia Gorge International Film festival | Downtown Tyler Film Festival | FilmDayton Festival | Glen Rose Neo-Relix | 

Keeping the Hope 2012 - Director Kushal Vaghani 2012 | aurora film festival | Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

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